About Cari

The Jamaica Breakdown That Started This All…

In 1999 I was walking on a secluded beach in Jamaica with my husband Pete when suddenly I stopped and shouted to the stars, “There’s got to be more to life than this!”

To say my husband was taken aback is in understatement.  There we were, in paradise, and the night before we left I boldly declared I was dreading the life I was going back to. 

I’ll never forget that night and I’m sure my husband won’t either.  After I reassured him I was more than happy with him and our marriage I had to confess that I was dreading the life I was going back to.  Even though on the outside everything looked great:  I had a sweet little baby girl, a brand new house, a brand new car, and even a cushy corporate job, I had to admit that inside I was miserable. 

I knew, in my heart, there was MORE for me and I needed to figure out what that  meant.

Fast forward to today:  2 years to the month after my Jamaica Breakdown I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and followed my heart and gut instinct.  What you see on this site today is a good representation of what I’ve been up to since then!

Who I Am and How I Work

I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs because frankly I think self-employment rocks AND gives you the best chance of creating your most authentic lifestyle.  I also come by entrepreneurship naturally — my parents were business owners, as is my husband.  When I was a kid I saw myself doing two things:  being the leader of something and teaching.  I love how young we are when life starts giving us helpful nudges toward our highest self-expression and best life.

I also love how being self-employed allows you to fulfill your purpose.  I know you could “live on purpose” no matter what you did for a living but I do believe when you get to run your own show you’ll give yourself the greatest chance of expressing your purpose authentically.  Yay you for taking your leap of faith!

My Mottos

I believe these 3 keys form the foundation of every purpose-directed business AND I believe keeping these keys in mind while building your business is what will help you create long-term success:

Truth.  Love.  Intention.

I also believe when you…

Embrace Your Brilliance & Intuition

you will Grow Your Business & Live Your Sweetest Life!

And a few more:

Who You Are BEING Is Always More Powerful Than What You Are Doing.  

Your Intuition Is Your #1 Business Building Tool

Now, it’s important you know that I already see you as whole and complete.   If you have a dream to expand your business and life I believe you have within you “the way” to make that happen. 

In other words, there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re highly capable. You are ENOUGH!

The Power & Elegance of Simplicity

I also understand you might need help fine-tuning how you do things and even who you are being in connection to your potential. 

Yes, we’ll discuss business strategies AND I’ll get you focused on the 2 or 3 that will make the difference in your unique business.   Right now, if you’re curious, do this:  pick 2 experts you follow on a regular basis and take a deep look into the strategies they’re using to grow their businesses.  Over and over again you’ll notice how they focus on 2 or 3 simple strategies that work really well for them and then they leverage the heck out of them.  In other words they keep it simple!

I’ll help you discover the 2 or 3 that will work really well for you! (And they’ll feel authentic to YOU!)

I’ll Offer Up A Lot of Energy and Perspective

I’m committed sharing good, positive energy and perspectives with my clients — doing so creates a positive ripple effect for everyone involved!  One client called me her “dance teacher” because I effectively helped her “dance” and stay in the flow of her business, opportunities, and more!  I loved that and it really did sum up one of the big ways I add value to my clients’ lives and work.  

I’ll Help You Go Deeper

…which is SO much more satisfying and productive then continuously scratching the surface! 

I’ll help you go within and honor your inner guidance.  I deeply believe — DEEPLY believe — building a successful business is an inside out job.  

I’ll help you listen and discern..

I’ll help you see what you’re not seeing…

And I’ll help you get clear on your commitments and intentions.   In other words I’ll help you get crystal clear about what it’s time to focus on now. 

I’ll steadfastly support, love, and honor you and your dreams.

If this resonates for you continue on by reading a breakdown that will answer more of your burning questions — even those you didn’t know you had!   If you’d like to speak with me directly then fill out the form on this page:   Let’s Get To Know Each Other!  Please let me know if I can assist you.

More Questions Answered

How did you become the “Passion Into Profit Mentor”?

Since the day I opened my first coaching practice (10 years ago) I naturally attracted women entrepreneurs and I’m not surprised…I’ve been surrounded by small business owners my whole life!  My parents were successful restaurateurs and my husband started his successful small business more than a decade ago.  I even had a grandmother who tried her hand at writing children’s books!  Turning my “passions into profit” was a very natural step for me to take and that led me to launching LifeOnTrack.com in 2005 (my first 6-figure coaching practice) and PassionIntoProfit.com in 2010.

Believe me, I had to learn A LOT about running my own successful small business and have invested in myself and my business considerably.  Over the years I’ve been blessed to have mentors and coaches that believed in me and my dream (this has made all the difference) and that has allowed me to find my own voice in the very big world of business coaching.

I knew when I launched PassionIntoProfit.com that I would stand for simple and authentic business building practices and strategies, with an underlying message to Know Your Brilliance and Trust Your Intuition.  I am committed to staying away from the HYPE (there’s enough of that out there already), and getting straight into the heart of what it really takes to build and grow a successful heart-centered small business.  You can read more about my business philosophies below.

What types of businesses have you worked with?

Over the years I’ve worked with many types of coaches; including life, business, success, spiritual, nutrition and fitness coaches, as well as many individuals in the healing professions, including EFT practitioners, therapists, and various types of body workers.    I’ve also worked with public relation consultants, e-learning consultants, copywriters, writers, authors, and speakers in many different service oriented fields.  I’ve been blessed to work with clients from all around the world, you can read the praise here! Please take a look!

Will working with you actually help me grow my business?

Yes!  When we begin working together we will take time to get very clear regarding your objectives.  I want to be sure we’re on the same page so I can help you FOCUS on what you need to focus on so you can get the results you desire.  That means if your objective is to get far more clarity then you have now we will work toward that outcome.  If your objective is to get much more clarity regarding your specialty, message, and service offerings so you can attract more clients we will work toward that outcome.

I love what you offer, Cari, and I love your style.  I SO want to get my business on track and do the work I know in my heart I’m here on earth to do,but I worry if I actually have what it takes.  I know you’ve done it, can I do it?

First, I want to put your heart and mind at ease.  Did you know the #1 worry most people have before investing in a program like this is whether or not they actually have what it takes to successfully complete the program.  It’s human nature to worry about this so please know you’re not the only one!  At some point we all have this same worry.

I believe if you have a dream in your heart to help people and that dream includes building a successful business I believe you already have what it takes to be able to do my programs and do them well!

There are so many “business coaches” out there.  What makes you unique?

I LOVE this question because it really is the question every business owner needs to answer clearly, isn’t it?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt I know (and my clients know) what makes me “remarkable and unique” are the following:

1.  My brilliance is to help you identify YOUR brilliance and then help you build a business around your brilliance which gives you your greatest opportunity to succeed!  Very simply put I help my clients get CLARITY!  It’s my brilliance to help you get crystal clear regarding your brilliance, specialty, ideal client, message, branding, and more!

2.  Along with that I’m gifted at helping my clients get profound clarity regarding their business strategies.  I’m very good at helping people weed through the “clutter” of all the things they could do and help them focus on the 1-3 things they should do to grow their business right now.

3.  And one more thing.  I believe, in my heart, the key to building a successful business starts with YOUR intuition.  It’s OK to get information from other teachers but in the end you have to learn to develop and trust your own inner knowing regarding the best business building strategies for you.  I think one of the most important things I do for my clients is to help them start listening to, honing and trusting their natural business building instincts.  I’m also highly intuitive and willingly pass through the intuitive “nudges” I receive. 

I always give my clients clear, well thought out answers and advice and I also honor what their heart is nudging them to do.  Because of this I am able to get my clients on track FAST because I take time to LISTEN to what wants to emerge for each business owner.

Now, imagine being able to answer this same question with a high level of confidence and conviction!  It’s a game-changer to be able to do so!

Will I recover my investment?

Easily.  AND, it’s up to you and what your focus will be during our work together.  If your goal is to attract more clients then you should easily recoup your investment with 1-3 new clients.  If your goal is to gain far more clarity than you have now, including getting profound clarity regarding your brilliance and specialty, then in time you will recoup your investment – many times over!  You see, once you have CLARITY regarding what makes you remarkable and unique and unlike anyone else who does what you do AND you have a simple and clear marketing strategy to execute you’ll be able to strongly position yourself in the minds of your ideal clients.  This is a key step in attracting all the clients you’ll ever need!

Cari, who is your ideal client and who isn’t?

I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with clients from all around the world, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and of course many from the U.S.  and I can tell you there are absolutely specific characteristics about my ideal client that stand out!  Here you go!

1. You’re open, willing, and committed!  You’re enthusiastic about your work, your business growth, and your life!

2.  You’ll do whatever it takes to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams! 

3.  You take 100% responsibility for your breakdowns and breakthroughs. 

4.  You enthusiastically show up and do the work you need to do!

5.  You value and honor your desire to build a successful business AND your ideal lifestyle.  You know, deep down, one without the other wouldn’t be worth it.

6.  You deeply honor your inner wisdom, gut instincts, and intuition.  You continually fill your gaps in knowledge with needed information and ultimately you value tuning into your own wise inner guidance for the answers you seek.

7.  You appreciate keeping your business simple and well organized because you know there’s a power and elegance in doing so.

8.  You’re willing to invest in your business and life.  You value an equal energy exchange and enjoy paying for top-notch service.

9.  You want Truth, Love, and Intention to be at the core of everything you do to grow your business.

Now, who isn’t my ideal client?  It must be said I do not work well with whiners or excuse-makers or someone that doesn’t take quick responsibility for breakdowns when they occur.  I am not in the business of helping my clients COMMIT.  You either are or you’re not and I only work with clients that ARE COMMITTED to their dreams!  (Nothing can really happen until one commits so I know you get it!)

What is your basic “grow your business” philosophy?

You must:

1.  Identify and leverage your BRILLIANCE (You must know what makes you remarkable and unique and unlike anyone else who does what you do AND you must be able to clearly articulate that difference.  This is the ultimate game-changer!)

2.  Choose your SPECIALTY (You must FOCUS your offers so you are always delivering a very clear brand message.)

3.  Keep your strategy SIMPLE (Remember, you can make a fortune with ONE very clear and very aligned-with-your-brilliance idea!  Why complicate things!)

4.  TRUST YOUR INTUITION!  YOU have good gut instincts and your intuition is always nudging you toward your best next step.  The key is to listen and act.  By doing so you’ll learn to discern your intuitive voice and build trust in it!  Your intuition is your #1 Business Building Tool!

5.  Take ACTION!  

What are the steps to turning my passions into profits?

I hope you like simple answers!  I look at business from the lens of foundation.  The stronger your business foundation the stronger you business.

Here are the areas that make up a strong business foundation (which is why you want PROFOUND CLARITY in these areas):

1.  Your Vision.  Really, #1, before anything else is to get crystal clear on what you want to create.  Every other decision you make for your business will stem from your clarity here.  I encourage my clients to get clear on their Life Plan before they even beginning working on their business plan.  By doing so you will smartly build your business to SERVE your life and dreams!

2.  Knowing Who You Are (I call this Awakening Your Brilliance).  Your brilliance is what makes you and your business remarkable and unique and it’s what will make your business a true “one and only”.

3.  Knowing Your Ideal Client.  There is an ideal client that fits you like a glove!  Identify who this is so you can create programs and products that highly serve them and tailor your marketing towards them.

4.  Knowing Your Specialty.  What is your genius work?  You’ll want to create offers that allow you to stay in your sweet spot.

5.  Knowing Your Sweet Spot.  Your Sweet Spot is where your “ideal client’s hunger and your brilliance” meets. 

Now, these are the very basics!  Of course there are business models, strategies, systems and more to consider.  The five items above are good starting points.

In your opinion what’s the best product or program to start with?

First, if you haven’t already become a member of the Passion Into Profit Community do that first!  Sign up to receive our absolutely free Passion Into Profit Success Kit!  You can do that in the upper right hand corner of this page, or click here.

You’ll also be automatically enrolled in our Passion Into Profit Success Academy!  You’ll LOVE the Success Academy where every week I host and/or share a free Inspired Topic on how to grow your business!  I also interview top-of-their-game experts so I can bring to you the specialized knowledge you need to grow your business.

Then, after that, I encourage everyone to sign up for an Identify Your Brilliance session with me.  If you want your business to stand out as remarkable and unique you must know Who You Are that makes you different than everyone else who does what you do.  Identifying Your Brilliance will make that clear, it will offer you direction, clarity, words to use in your marketing and so much more!  You can learn more here.

Do you accept credit cards and do you offer payment options.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  And yes, we do offer payment options for most of our products and programs.

OK, I’d love to work with you, Cari!  What’s my first step?

Great!  I love clients who take decisive action!  Your first step is to contact me directly!  You can do that now by filling out our Let’s Get To Know Each Other Form.  As soon as you hit the “submit” button we’ll be notified and be in contact with you!

I’d love to speak with you directly.  Is that possible?

By filling out the above form you will get to speak with me personally!

You can learn a lot more about me on Facebook!  Be sure to join me there too, OK?