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Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: We’re Really Much More Alike Than We Are Different

Often when I’m coaching clients I notice a “theme” emerge over the course of a week or a month.  I’ve recently noticed a few succinct themes emerge for many of my clients and I thought these same topics might resonate for you too!  Perhaps you’ll see yourself in what I have to share.

1.  #1 on my list:  most of the time clients know exactly what steps to take yet most of the time need a little extra validation before taking them.  I see this a lot and I also personally experience this a lot!  Often we DO KNOW WHAT TO DO…we get a sense of what’s nudging us but trusting we’re hearing what we’re hearing can be a challenge. 

During my consultations with clients the biggest role I often play is that of “validator”.  I don’t mind this role because in the end I believe each of us has an innate intuitive ability that’s always guiding us and I do know how powerful outside validation can be.  So if you need it, get it!  By doing so you’ll actually start trusting your own instincts more and more.

2.  Most of the time the guidance I receive for my clients focuses on slowing down and getting quiet.  Surprise you?  I know…it can feel very counter-intuitive to do that so again you need to trust the wisdom that goes along with it.

Everything in life has its “time” and if you push or go too fast and do things on your schedule you’ll completely exclude divinity’s schedule and step out of the flow.

By the way, there is a sure sign slowing down might be the best option for you.  If you feel anxious or like you want to intensely push something along then usually something else (a fear) has taken over.  Think of it this way…how many shows have you seen with women giving birth and how many times have you heard the doctor say “it’s not time to push”… same holds true in our lives and businesses and all creations. 

Your best, most strategic role is to be that of a co-creator with what you are creating vs. its sole driving force.  If you feel an intense desire to push lean back for just a moment and ask yourself why.  If you can really feel it is TIME to move things forward then do, otherwise practice patience.

3. Speaking of patience…I do think this might be one of the most unwelcomed words to every business owner I’ve ever coached.  I KNOW you don’t like hearing it.  There are times I don’t like hearing it…and yet… there is power in it so see if you can embrace it.  Just see.

4. Honor your true dreams and true self.  Again, step into your authority to live your life, not someone else’s.  Grant yourself AUTHORITY to call your own shots and to do life and business YOUR WAY!  Gheesh…it’s such a turn on when people do this I don’t know why more people don’t do it! 

It’s pretty darn sexy to march to the beat of your own drummer so march away!  OWN your brilliance!  Don’t back down.  Don’t shy away.  Own it baby!

5. Surround yourself with a supportive environment.  Again and again the ENVIRONMENT someone works and lives in is a key to their success.  This includes everything from the people you surround yourself with to the office you go to every day.  Surround yourself with the BEST of everything and say no to everything else.  Again, it takes granting yourself authority over your life and business to do this and I know for many of you it may feel like you’ll need to rock the boat to be able to do so. Do it anyway.  You deserve to live life on your terms.  Surround yourself with beautiful people and things and you’ll give yourself the amazing support you need to be your best too!  You deserve it!

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