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It’s Sunday and what better thing to do then get myself super organized for the week ahead!

I’ve actually been on my version of extreme home/office de-clutter…I really do love to live with SPACE around me.  Space gives me room to feel inspired…it gives me room to move, breathe, and to create.

So today I tossed, organized, created and dreamed as I spiffed up my office!  Here’s what it looks like now:

1. I LOVE my bookshelf, which really only holds some special photos + a few gifts from clients.  The bookshelf itself was an inspired find in the odds & ends room of a local furniture store…I love this piece for its warm, rich wood and Bali feel.  The photo to the left is called Amazon Lotus and you can find it www.art.com.  The little stool was a gift from a family friend.  I sit on it when I shoot my videos!

2.  I love pretty things and I like keeping my things in pretty things (why work with drab vanilla envelops and vinyl 3-ring binders when you could have something that’s so much more fun and inspired!)  Photo #1 is an up close picture of the binders I purchase through Russell and Hazel.  LOVE them!  Photo 2 is what I use to keep myself organized.  The light blue notebook is full of notes and post its (I scribble on post its all the time…this is how I keep them in one place), the solid purple book is a type of month at a glance calendar (for planning my program and product launches, etc.), the pink journal is my…current journal, the notebook in the back is where I keep my “to do” lists.  I also use Google Calendar to keep track of all my appointments.

3. My desk.  I do love it.  I love that it’s white and I love the drawer with all the little cubbies!  I purchased this through www.PotteryBarn.com (as well as the matching file cabinet you’ll see in the next picture.)  You might wonder if my desk is always this clean?  Most of the time UNLESS I have a lot of creative juice flowing and then it’s usually piled with ideas, papers, etc.

4. Every office needs the catch-all space…bulletin board, printer, file cabinet.  What I love most about this photo is the original painting…my friend Natalie Bradley (www.BrideAttraction.com) painted this for me!  It’s called The Vortex and I love it!  If you look really close at my bulletin board you’ll see a few pictures of me and Pete, etc…this is currently how I’m doing a vision board.  The pictures of Pete and I represent our growing and loving relationship, I also have photos of my dream house, AND inspired ideas for a re-do of our master bedroom this year.  I also have a brochure of the 2nd property we’d love to buy on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  The rest of the stuff on my board is work related ++ a few airline vouchers I have to use this year!  Travel!

5. Finally, not all is perfect.  Because I’m shooting many more videos I purchased this fancy light kit at www.TubeTape.com…it’s amazing but it’s huge and takes up an entire corner.  AND, if you haven’t already noticed, my walls are WHITE!  Actually they’re a shade off of white.  Last year when I upgraded my office I went with this color because I couldn’t decide on an actual color.  Ideas are welcome!

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of my office!  This is how I like to live…simply, brightly, and inspired.  I love surrounding myself with things I love (I’ve gotten really good at throwin’ stuff out) and I need my spaces to feel very supportive.

Give yourself this gift too.  After all, why turn your passions into profit if you’re not LIVING and WORKING exactly as you wish?  Don’t hold back.  Surround yourself with ONLY things you love!

2 thoughts on “Passion Into Profit Home Office”

  1. Hi Cari,
    Thanks for sharing these photos, it gives me imagines to hold when I am having the weekly amazing coaching calls with you. As you know, I am very visual and when communicating I always miss the visual aspect of communications, so now I have pictures in head 🙂
    I am suggesting you paint your walls a paleblue/grey, actually a grey blue. The color I am visualizing would be a beautiful backdrop for your face coloring and the contrast with the grounding of your dark wood floors would create a space that was a bridge of heaven and earth. Since I experience just such a space that you hold for me in our work together, this would be fitting.
    The Queen ALWAYS has an opinion on such matters!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kaaren! Your post gave me goosebumps because that’s EXACTLY the color I was considering! I imagine something soft and rich with just a hint of color. I happen to love grey walls and all of the walls outside my office are grey so doing something like this in my office would be a nice transition.

      It’s so fun indulging our girly sides, isn’t it? Or rather, our queens within! So glad yours came out to play today too!

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