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Success Strategy: How To Create A Personal Manifesto For Getting What You Want In Life

What are you willing to fight for?  I mean really FIGHT for?  What’s worth fighting for?  Not in a violent fight sort of way but in a fierce I’m-alive-and-won’t-settle sort of way?

This has been on my mind and I’ve started a list.  I wanted to share it with you because 1) I need people to witness my fierceness, and 2) I hope it rubs off. 

YOU, heart-centered, change the world one person at a time entrepreneur, have been CHARGED with that special something that changes things for the better.  Today, right now, we all need a little “better”. 

Here’s my personal manifesto for getting what I want in life.  Feel free to post your list here!  We can create a lot of energy together, if we work together.  Let’s join hands, support each other, and declare our intentions.  I’ve got your back. 

Are you with me?

Here’s what I’m all about:

1.  Experiencing my full power in this world.  One time I said I wanted to start a revolution…I still do.  I know that my revolution is all about helping people SEE Who They Really Are, deep down.  This is my message because I KNOW when you do see your brilliance your life will never be the same and you’ll be more on track than ever before!

2.  Being on the same page emotionally and energetically with my husband.  I’m fighting for this now because we’re so great together but often times forget.  OUR TIME is here.  We’ve lived a lot of our lives for other people and now it’s our turn.  We’re preparing and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be sure we do it with gusto!  Pete’s with me.  Thank God!

3.  My daughter.  Kasie.  I can hardly express how completely devoted I am to this child.  SHE I would do anything for.

4.  Kicking ass, when needed.  I’m tired of excuses, wishy-washiness, “processing”, “being with”, “shutting down”, blaming, victim-energy, etc. etc.  I’m all about the kick-in-the-ass because sometimes we need it.  You do.  I do.  My clients do.

5.  Asking for the fierce support I NEED.  I give it BIG TIME.  To everyone.  I need it too.  If I fight for others the least I could expect is to have people in my corner that would fight for me.

6.  Living my life with fluid-fierceness.  I don’t like black and white.  Never really have.  It suffocates me.  AND, I’m a planner, strategizer, and organizer.  I know… a paradox.  I’ve allowed myself to get to stuck in the black and white…the plans and strategies.  I’ll fight for fluidity because if I put my energy toward that I know I’m much more likely to experience it.  I think it’s through THE DANCE with life that life expands.

7.  Helping people make their dreams come true!   I’m the best cheerleader anyone could ever have.  Again, I always have been.  I only work with clients that actually value the fierce cheerleading abilities I bring to the table because they’re special.  Not everyone likes this because frankly I think they have a hard time RECEIVING such big love and my enthusiasm might feel a bit scary because not many people are used to someone stepping up quite so big.  If you give me an inch though I’m in and I’m yours.

8.  My health and well-being.  It’s honestly one of the first things I let go of when I’m stressed (silly, I know) but I know it’s worth fiercely fighting for.  I LOVE feeling my vibrancy flow through me.  I adore my body for forgiving me when I’ve ignored it.  I appreciate the big transmitter role my body plays that allows me to have a very fine-tuned intuition.  Fighting for my body is worth it. 

9.  Speaking my truth.  I’m in practice with this every day because I’ve worn a pattern in my brain that makes me feel at times it’s better to be “nice” than tell the truth but I’m really super tired of being that nice (even though I am really, really nice).  The TRUTH…I am so much more interested in this.  It’s relieving and reviving.


6 thoughts on “Success Strategy: How To Create A Personal Manifesto For Getting What You Want In Life”

  1. Cari,

    From one fantastic cheerleader to another. . .I feel you! I love how you put it all out there! You and I are so aligned in what we want to do in the world! I’m in your corner cheering you on! You go girl!

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