4 Steps To Get The G.L.O.W. In Your Business

Awakening your brilliance is a vitally important part of building a business that’s an authentic reflection of your heart and soul and the work you are here on earth to do.

Without really understanding what makes you and your business remarkable, unique and a true “one and only” you’ll risk blending your business into the woodwork with many others like yours.

That might sound like scary news and it is UNLESS you take the steps to understand what does make you a one and only!

To get your GLOW going and your BRILLIANCE shining you’ll want to follow these four steps:

G Get really, really curious about YOU! You have to have the desire to really know what makes you remarkable and unique to actually see what does.  I call this step going on the “know thyself” journey.  It’s an important journey to go on and here’s why:  if you don’t see what makes you and your business remarkable and unique, your potential clients never will.  CLARITY has to start with you.  As I always say to my clients:  when you have clarity about you the world will have clarity about you.  That’s VERY client attractive!

L Look at the world as your mirror. This is one step you can take now to start seeing your brilliance more clearly:  Pay attention to what others say about you and your brilliance.  The world is ALWAYS trying to show you who you really are.  The key is to start seeing the brilliance in you that others see in you.

O Own It and BE It. Once you start seeing your brilliance you’ve got to have the courage to OWN it…BELIEVE it!  Here’s what that looks like:  if people keep telling you you’re a natural born leader then have the courage to BE the leader in everything you do.  If the world keeps showing you you’re a gifted and funny performer then BE the gifted and funny performer…don’t hide in the corner…let her out!

W Walk It and Live It. Of course, finally, you’ve got to walk around in those brilliant shoes of yours…live life as your brilliant self.

Isn’t it time to finally start believing the good things people have been saying about you for years?  Isn’t it time to believe there is something truly remarkable and unique about YOU, that no one else on this planet can duplicate?  Doing so will give your business a GLOW that is power-filled, remarkable, unique and unlike anyone else who does what you do.